Audits of Financial Statements

My perception of your needs, as described below, is based on experience with many Not-For-Profit Organizations. My firm can effectively and efficiently meet these needs and expectations. We can help you and your Board of Directors fulfill your fiduciary responsibility to your members.

Your Needs Are Very Important

My perception of your needs, as described below, is based on experience with many Not-For-Profit Organizations.

  • You need a thorough audit that concentrates more on complex rather than on routine issues.  For the sake of efficiency, an auditor should address those areas where the risk of error is greatest.
  • You need a timely audit that results in the delivery of the financial statements when you want them.
  • You need constructive recommendations for improvement that are based on an understanding of your organization’s environment and your specific circumstances.
  • You need an auditor who is available to answer questions throughout the year.
  • You need for your auditor to provide information on new accounting and tax developments.
  • You need an auditor who understands the tax issues facing your organization.

My firm can effectively and efficiently meet these needs and expectations. We can help you and your Board of Directors fulfill your fiduciary responsibility to your members.

Practice Profile

Clients consider us more than their accountant, but as, consultants and strategists, deeply involved in their organization and dedicated to their success. My approach is to initiate recommendations that can help an organization grow, prosper and succeed. A client relationship is a privilege built on trust. I appreciate the importance of the role as key advisor and take a clients’ prosperity very seriously. We believe that with every client we are “Not Just Your Accountant, (but) Your Partner in Success”.

Every client of my firm is entitled to my personal attention and is welcome to call for assistance or support, throughout the year. I retain all responsibility for the delivery of all services.

I have made a promise to never allow my firm to get so large that personal attention of partner-level individuals cannot be given to clients needs.

Firm memberships include the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the Indiana Certified Public Accountants Society (INCPAS), and The Greater Lafayette Chamber of commerce, the Builders Association of Greater Lafayette (BAGL), and Business Networking International (BNI).

Audit Quality

I have established controls within my firm to ensure that every client receives a quality audit.  Emphasis on audit quality comes naturally. My firm does not operate in a vacuum when it comes to audit quality. It is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Indiana Certified Public Accountant Society (INCPAS). As such, we are subjected to a peer review once every three years.

We enroll in continuing professional education courses focusing on not-for-profit issues so as to satisfy stringent requirements of the U.S. General Accounting Office and to keep the firm’s clients fully informed.

We subscribe to the accounting and tax services that provide us with exposure drafts and proposals for changes in accounting principles and tax regulations.

Audit Efficiency

An efficient audit will result in a lower fee and a smaller time commitment from client staff.

Consistent with the service philosophy described above, I personally conduct the audit field work. Decisions pertaining to accounting principles and financial statement presentation are made in the field where they can be discussed in a timely and efficient manner.

Audit planning is performed well before field work commences so that everyone has sufficient time to implement the plan.  The planning process provides for extensive input from client management and staff so that specific concerns can be addressed.  Adequate planning also enables us to make maximum use of the client’s audit preparation skills.

Scheduling is arranged so that work can be performed over a short period of time without excessive starting and stopping.

We will also, upon request from the organization, prepare a presentation of the financial statements for the Board of Directors.  Examples of graphs used for a board presentation is found an Exhibit at the end of this proposal.

We believe it is important for the Board of Directors to voice any issues, questions, or concerns with the auditors.

In Conclusion

When you select Edward Opperman, CPA, Lafayette Indiana you will be getting a firm that serves not-for-profit entities. You will be working with a small team who has the flexibility to be timely in their response to all your accounting, auditing and tax needs.


The following is a listing of some of the clients we have served in Lafayette and surrounding areas:

Joel Gauthier, CPA
Gauthier and Kimmerling, LLC
233 S McCrea Street – Suite 1000

Dan Taylor
Trinity Mission. Inc.
817 N 12th Street
Lafayette, IN

Jeffrey Schwab
Friends of Bob, Inc.
16001 Woodland Ave
West Lafayette, IN  47906
Indianapolis, IN  46225

Jackie Franklin
Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
337 Columbia Street – PO Box 348
Lafayette, IN  47902

Other Not-For-Profit Clients I Have Served

Historical Prophetstown - Museums at Prophetstown
Lafayette Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc.
Friends of the Columbian Park Zoo
Oasis of Hope Baptist Church
Tippecanoe Ancient Fife and Drum Corp
42nd Royal Highlanders, Inc.
Triangle Fraternity
Mapleton Fall-Creek Community Development Corporation
Westside Community Development Corporation
Training, Inc.
Psi Upsilon Fraternity
Psi Upsilon Foundation
Housing Partnership of Lafayette
Tippecanoe County Historical Association
Masonic Temple Association
Indiana 4H Foundation
Indiana Wesleyan Church – Central District

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